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The Bluebird Box used to be the starting point for finding information about bluebirds and other cavity nesting birds.  Articles, Nest box drawings, the Best of Bluebird Mailing Lists Classified, and more are all available right here and for the most part only here.  However as more and more bluebirders have developed websites there are many more new and yes better resources for bluebirders looking for information.  My favorites are as follows:

http://www.nabluebirdsociety.org/ North American Bluebird Society
http://www.sialis.org/ by Bet Zimmerman Smith
http://nestboxbuilder.com/  by Fred Stille

What do bluebirders talk about?  Find out in the
Best of Bluebird Mailing Lists Classified,
(note this archive is no longer being maintained but is still available for information and research).

I am currently doing some long overdue maintenance so please excuse the mess.

Please E-mail me at bluebirdbox@cox.net and specify a subject such as bluebirds.

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