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Welcome to since 1995

Including the Internet's original Bluebird FAQ & featuring Best of Bluebird Mailing Lists Classified
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Peterson Sparrow Trap
Huber Sparrow Trap
Hutchings Predator Guard
Ron Kingston's Predator Guard
Van Ert Sparrow Trap - this trap is available from Van Ert Enterprises

I don't have copies of this sparrow trap, but it seems to be a popular repeating ground trap SparrowTraps.net

Nest Boxes and Accessories

Nest Boxes

Vince Bauldry Nest Box is an open top nest box (screen covering), that was designed to let light in and to discourage sparrows. Bauldry Box has one major disadvantage in that it allows rain and snow to make for a very wet nest. Results of Additional Research Regarding the Bauldry/Open Topped Box Design by Diane Barbin.
The Baffle Box by Dick Purvis.  This box is relatively untested but is designed to thwart raccoons
Mel Bolt Tilt Front Nest Box
Slot Boxes:

Rita Efta Slot Nest Box
Loren Hughes Slot Box
The Kentucky slot box was designed by Wayne Davis, it is similar to Rita Efta's Slot Nest Box .
The Johnson Box - a slot box variety from British Columbia, Canada

Steve Gilbertson Nest Box (The Story of the Gilbertson Box) and Gilwood nestbox.
Hill Lake Nest Box.
Huber Flip Flop Nest Box

NABS style nest boxes:

Herman Olson Nest Box is similar to the NABS, with an entrance hole 6-7/8" from the bottom, a slightly slopping roof, and a 5" by 5" interior.
NABS (Original) Nest Box
NABS (Newer Zeleny) Nest Box
Bluebirds Across Nebraska Eastern Bluebird Nest Box This box is an easy to build nest box that is patterned after a standard NABS box.  One feature of this box is that two boxes can be made from one standard 8 foot 1"x6" board.
Lenker Bluebird Nestbox is a side opening version of the NABS Box
Double (Echo) Roof/Side For NABS-Style Box By Bruce Burdett and Fawzi P. Emad

The Chalet by realbirdhomes.com is a NABS style inspired box that is one of the more unique variations I have seen.

Emad Bluebird Nestbox is a top and/or front opening box that can be made from one 1"x12"x3'
Orthwein Raised Roof  Nest Box - these boxes are designed to deter house wrens.
Peterson Style Nest Boxes:
Dick Peterson Nest Box
Alternate Peterson Nest Box drawings  (sent to me by Randy Dewhirst, they are of a Peterson type Nest Box with no differentiation  from the original that I could discern except that these drawings are much easier to read.)
Navratil's Bluebird Buoy Bird Box is an experimental design inspired by the Gilbertson PVC nest box. Construction Drawings for the Buoy box include a good idea that would work for anyone having trouble with unwanted pole turn on the Gilbertson mounting method (conduit over rebar).
Navratil's Hanging PVC Bird House Drawings - another idea by Frank, similar to those other hanging boxes but with the twist of hanging a PVC style box.

Frank Zuern Tree Branch Nest Box (PDF)  The intent of discouraging nest box predators. The design consists of a long nest box with a baffle, mounted on a 4"x4" pole.  This drawing was provided to me by Kay Charter of Saving Birds Thru Habitat.  Zuern Tree Branch Box Update.  Note that Kay has indicated very good success with this nest box.
Paul Carrier's Slant Box - A very new untested box with a bottom entrance

Nest Box Guards & Traps

The Bauldry Sparrow Trap
Mel Bolt Sparrow Trap
Gilbertson Universal Sparrow Trap - this trap is available from Steve Gilbertson
Jim Noel Coon Guard
Harry Krueger's
Snake Trap Plans

Steve Gruenke - 10 Minute Sparrow Trap

Mounting Methods for nest boxes
Of course many nest box designs come with there own mounting methods

Dick Purvis Hanging It Up - Nest box mounting
A Peterson Nest Box mounting idea.
Paul Chance's Elevator Pole
Fawzi Emad Telescoping Pole

Roost Boxes

Bluebird/Chickadee roost box
The Bluebird-L Roost Box
Fawzi Emad roost box

Bluebird nest box drawings at other web sites:

Hanging Nest Boxes  Linda Violett's hanging nest box 
Nestbox Builder - this site has excellent drawings
Brian Page's NABS style design is simple and includes step-by-step instructions (which were produced for a shop class to mass produce)

OK, maybe you want to build a nest box for a species other than the bluebirds (actually these links have nestboxes for bluebirds and a lot more) .  Here are links that might just be what your looking for:

Bower Flicker Nest Box
Screech Owl Nest Box
Flying Squirrel Nest Box pdf only (drawn by Ashley Bracken)

http://www.fws.gov/r9mbmo/pamphlet/house.html (the internal links on this page weren't working when I checked out the page but the material is there.)

Many of the drawings have been scanned from Dorene Scriven's book (with permission) Bluebird Trails - A Guide To Success. Many of the drawings did not scan clearly and I touched up these drawings as best as I could. It should be noted that many of these drawings were originally drawn by the nest box designer. For instance Dick Peterson's nest box was drawn by Dick. This particular drawing required a great deal of editing to clean up the drawing from the scanning process, however I believe I accurately recreated the original drawings.

There may be instances where you may have questions about the drawings. In that I'm not the designer I will not be able to answer many of your questions. I can say that the designer felt the box should be built a certain way  and I would tend to follow those instructions - else you will be building a box that is not a true replica of the original nest box design and may not function as intended.

The nest box designs with links are those for which I have drawings for, those without links are boxes that are known (by me) and include a brief description. There are probably other nest box designs not shown here. If a nest box designer has drawings they would like included please e-mail me or snail me a copy of the drawings. I would prefer the drawing be in an electronic media but would accept drawings on paper also.

Note: My primary purpose is to provide information on nest boxes that are designed for Bluebirds - other nest boxes designed for native species are acceptable on a limited basis - nest boxes that do not provide for some control over unwanted species will be respectfully declined.

Note: the order of these boxes is alphabetical (by designer name) and in no way implies preference on my part for one box over another (this is a controversial issue), my only comment on which is the best box is "The best bluebird nest box is the ones which the bluebirds use". I will add that I do have a personal preference but I don't think any one box is right for everyone.


I do hope that these drawings will be useful to those who wish to build your own nest boxes (I'm not one of you - I'm a computer nerd).  I gratefully accept Dorene Scriven's permission to place drawings from her book on these pages. I also would like to thank her once again for providing me with the answers to my questions and confusion.


Please E-mail me at bluebirdbox@cox.net and specify a subject such as bluebirds.

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