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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

Special Events

Our 40th annual Bird Seed Sale

A big change is coming to the 40th anniversary of Audubon Omaha’s Fall Bird Seed Sale this October 31 and November 1. For years, bird seed orders were picked up at the garages of long-time volunteers such as Neal Ratzlaff (who has volunteered each of the 40 years) and Kathleen Crawford-Rose. 

In large part because of the coronavirus, bird seed orders will be picked up at the NEW Audubon Society of Omaha office and warehouse at 4339 S. 90th St. This new location is centrally located (south and west of I-80’s 84th St exit, between F St. and L St.). Masks will be required when picking up your order. 

As an optional safeguard this year, contact-less delivery to your front porch or garage, by one of our volunteers, is available in the Omaha area for an extra donation.

Forty years ago, Audubon Society of Omaha began selling bird seed and bird seed mixes as a benefit to its members. At that time, specialty bird stores were virtually non-existent. The service to our customers was to provide a wide variety of fresh, quality bird seed at reasonable prices. We continue to serve this need.

During our 40th anniversary year, try a new product and share our order link with your friends and neighbors on social media!

We have two brochures on our website that have ideas about attracting different birds. You might try a no-mess product, such as sunflower hearts or shelled peanuts (which are cheaper per pound than peanuts in the shell this year). One customer noted that, since he switched from nyjer to the nyjer-fine hearts mixture for his tube feeder, the finches are more consistently satisfied, and the mix occasionally attracts juncos and woodpeckers.

You can place your order by mail or you can order and pay by credit card on our website. All sales are pre-order. Orders are due by Oct. 21.

To learn more and place your order, click here.

National Audubon Society Guides to Bird Feeding

 These guides are easy to download, print, and are meant to be folded into brochures.