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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

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Field notes from the President

by Christine Jacobsen, President, Audubon Society of Omaha

  2021-2022 has been a year of learning, changing and growing for Audubon Society of Omaha. While we are still holding board meetings and monthly programming via Zoom, we’ve seen a return of our in-person group field trips, the collective for youth after-school programs, and increased interest in our bird seed sales and Student Art Contest and online show. I hope we will host more in-person meetings and events the further we move into 2022.

  I’ve spent the better part of this year learning what it means to be president of this great organization, and how we can best lead it into the future. We will continue to focus our efforts on protecting and managing our natural resources and addressing habitat, waterway, and climate issues by collaborating with Wachiska Audubon, Audubon Nebraska and legislators. I’d love to see us build our membership and volunteer base and become even more active in our community. One of the ways we will do this is by developing a strategic plan to ensure that the organization, the prairies we protect, and the programs we provide will continue.

I would like you all to help me welcome our newest board members, Kyle Finley, Nicholas Romero, and Ashleigh Stohlman. I look forward to working with them and the entire board over the next year to develop and execute the strategic plan that will guide us into the future.