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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

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Field notes from the President

Imagine the potential when like-minded organizations collaborate for a greater impact!  Our environment will always need stewardship and advocates; could we find greater strength and movement if our organizations worked together more? In September, we gathered board members from Wachiska Audubon and Audubon Society of Omaha with team members from Audubon Nebraska to discuss this partnership and the idea of creating a Nebraska Audubon Council.  

We discussed what other states are doing and what different Audubon Councils look like around the country. Then we focused on Nebraska and talked about what our greatest natural resources and conservation challenges are. Next, we narrowed that focus even further to Audubon in Nebraska and discussed our organizational health, sustainability, strengths, and possible issues we should avoid. Excellent discussions and partnerships developed.

Your Audubon Society of Omaha is healthier than ever with a strong board of directors, committee members, and volunteers working to ensure the protection of our native ecosystems and the restoration of nature-friendly environments through environmental education and advocacy. ASO board members who attended are excited by the idea of a Nebraska Audubon Council and the support and advocacy that could emerge from it.

Partners in Conservation