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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

Special Events

Board of Directors Recap

April Members’ Meeting: Noah Strycker addressed an extremely receptive standing room only audience at Fontenelle Forest. He also observed more than 100 species of birds during his stay, which marked his first visit to Nebraska.

College Audubon Birders: The National Audubon Society aims to establish chapters at colleges and universities and will need local faculty sponsors. The Board has identified likely candidates and endorsed the effort. Most college chapters are on the coasts, so a chapter in our area could create a unique advantage for its members — and ASO.

Director and Officer Elections: New directors and officers were selected at the April 27 Members’ Meeting. They received their orientation on July 17 at the ASO office.

Newsletter Update: Anne Maguire has assumed the role of publisher of “The Meadowlark,” with help from Dan Murphy (editing). The redesign will direct readers to more in-depth content on-line and encourage member interaction. The Board wishes to thank Helen Bartee and Laurine Blankenau for their many years of excellent work, as well as the many volunteers who helped with mailings.