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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

Special Events

Helping Hands and June Tour Sweep Across Audubon Society of Omaha Prairies

Audubon Society of Omaha’s two prairies buzzed with activity this summer, enhancing the ecosystem and the member experience.

On June 20, ASO joined friends from the Washington County Historical Society for an outing at the Cuming City Cemetery. During the tour, the 25 participants, with interests in history, botany and birds, explored Native American medicinal plants featured in an exhibit staged by the Fort Atkinson State Historical Park. The cemetery’s virgin prairie is the Nebraska prairie nearest to Fort Atkinson. If you stop by Cuming City Cemetery, please email ASO to help us keep an accurate visitor count. And, if you can build a weatherproof sign-in box to post on-site, let us know.

No doubt, Audubon Prairie visitors have noticed its new-look entrance, thanks to the hard work of several helping hands. Rumor has it that three “old” men in their late 60s took down 400 feet of fence and cleared an extensive amount of invasive brush. We’re also grateful to neighbors Dan and Emmet for sprucing up their side of the entrance.

We encourage you to enjoy the prairie this fall and pay particular attention to the benefits of this year’s spring burn. During your visit, feel free to use any of the mowed trails on the prairie’s west side.