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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

Special Events

Board of Directors recap

OCTOBER FIELD TRIP: About 15 people joined Tisha Johnson for ASO’s spooky birding field trip. 30+ crossbills were logged and as many as 27 separate species were spotted, including Pine Siskins and Red-breasted Nuthatches at Forest Lawn Cemetery. No owls, vultures or bats swooped into view, but we did see a few old crows.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Proposal has been submitted to Collective for Youth for after-school programming. They are optimistic about programming starting later this winter, and have submitted a grant request to fund our programs.

ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS PROJECT AT LAKE ZORINSKY: To address concerns about homeowner encroachment, the Corps plans to cut back the tree line around the lake. The area near Bauermeister Prairie was discussed, and Bob Wells presented ASO’s concerns. For now, the project will go forward, as the National Corps has mandated that each regional office reduce fire risk along urban/recreational areas on all Corps-owned land.

NOVEMBER FIELD TRIP: Clem Klaphake led a group of 10 birders for leisurely birding at various lakes in Sarpy County. Among the winter visitors were Northern Shovelers, Horned Grebes, and a couple of Coots. Participants logged 22 total species.

NOVEMBER member meeting: Kristal Stoner, Executive Director, Audubon Nebraska, presented the Audubon Climate Change Report to our members. The big take-away? Climate change is real and the solution begins at home, in your own backyard! ICYMI go to

NEW EXECUTIVE ADMIN: Please join us in welcoming Candace Gorton to our organization. She is uniquely qualified and will be taking over the duties of Stacey Coury, who stepped down in the last quarter of 2019. Thank you, Stacey, for your many hours of hard work and your commitment to furthering the mission of Audubon Society of Omaha.