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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

Special Events

The first ASO members' meetings of 2020

JANUARY MEMBERS' MEETING  Cold weather didn't stop many members from attending our January program meeting featuring Bethany Thornton.  Bethany spoke about the significance of Hitchcock Nature Center as the designated reporting center in the Missouri River migratory corridor.  Patty Albright from Raptor Recovery brought live, rescued raptors to the meeting, increasing attendance by three.

FEBRUARY MEMBERS' MEETING  The premiere screening of Alex Wiles' short documentary on lead poisoning in raptors, FRAGMENTS, held at Fontenelle Forest was well received and attended by over 150 people.  Kay Nueman and Thora the Bald Eagle, from Save Our Avian Resources (SOAR) then gave a presentation that included X-rays showing lead fragments in raptors and venison.  The panel discussion that followed provided opportunities to address concerns from hunters and birders alike about lead ammunition and how it can be phased out.  Special thanks to Alex Wiles, Denise Lewis, Betsy Finch, Kay Nueman, Doug Finch and Kent Walton.