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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

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Keep an Eye Out for Seasonal Visitors

Migration begins in March with waterfowl, blackbirds and cranes. As the water thaws, waterfowl, geese and swans will move north to their breeding grounds, so be sure to look for them on area lakes. Watch for Red-winged Blackbirds near marshes and lakes. Yellow-headed Blackbirds breed in the marshes further west, near Lincoln. Brown-headed Cowbirds, Common Grackles and Great-tailed Grackles are also common to the area.

In April, sparrows, Hermit Thrushes and kinglets will migrate through our area. Hermit Thrushes can be found in Child’s Hollow at Fontenelle Forest. Ruby-crowned Kinglets are in local parks and Fontenelle Forest. Golden-crowned Kinglets enjoy coniferous trees in cemeteries, but can also be found in other parks around the metro area. Sparrows eat the seeds of grasses and frequent fields, grassy roadsides, reeds near water’s edge, and marshes — any place with tall grass, reeds and/or water.