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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

Special Events

Be an Early Bird – Bird Seed Orders due September 23

The savvy birder catches the early date of this fall’s Bird Seed Sale — Saturday, October 2, and Sunday, October 3. Due to extreme drought conditions in the North Central and Northwest United States, the 2021 birdseed crop could be sparse and sub-standard – particularly millet, safflower, and sunflower. Because these seeds are primary seed sources for bird feeders, Audubon Society of Omaha is locking in better quality seeds, which are available earlier. Bird feeding has taken off during Covid-19, and the wholesale prices that ASO will be paying are up 21% over October 2020 and 35% over October 2019, with prices for many products soaring 30-57% in a single year.

Your orders and donations during the Fall and Winter Bird Seed Sale are Audubon Society of Omaha’s main fundraiser for local education and conservation activities. We offer a wide range of birdseed mixes and sizes at reasonable prices.

Look for two brochures chock full of ideas about attracting a range of birds on our website,

Once again, seed pick-up will be at ASO’s office and warehouse at 4339 So. 90th Street, between F Street and L Street. We are offering contactless delivery again to your front porch or garage for an extra donation. See the bottom of the order form for details.

In addition to the order form included in this newsletter, an order form will be mailed to all members and past customers in late August. You can place your order by mail OR you can order and pay by secure credit card on our website,

All orders must be received by Thursday, September 23.

Questions or Requests

Contact John or Betty Fullerton at

402-493-4362, 402-957-5901 or or Kathleen Crawford-Rose at 402-292-8912 or


Are you in good shape? Can you lift as much as 50 pounds without grunting? Volunteers are needed for unloading the birdseed delivery from our supplier on a weekday morning between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. the last week of September. And, for loading customers’ orders to their vehicles on the October 2 and 3 pick-up days. Please contact John Fullerton at 402-493-4362 (h), 402-957-5901 (c) or, if you can assist Audubon Society Omaha with its major fundraiser.