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2021 Student Art Contest

Artwork by Natalie M., 9th grade

Special Events

Welcome to our first Virtual Art Contest

Due to health concerns for teachers, volunteers and students we are holding a virtual Art Contest and will not accept physical entries this year. That means a digital photograph of each piece of artwork will need to be uploaded to our website with the entry form. The Art Show will be virtual as well to avoid a large public gathering. We're disappointed that we will not get to see you in person this time, but we will continue to award prizes and ribbons to the winners, which will be available for pick up at our NEW office. All other aspects of the contest will be similar to years past. Thanks for your participation and patience.

Virginia Stauffer, Chair, Student Art Contest, Audubon Society of Omaha

Judging & Awards
Rules & Requirements
Note to Teachers
Virtual Art Show
Ribbon & Prize Pick up

Important Dates

February 15: Website open for uploading artwork with entry form

March 1: Last date to upload Student artwork

April 5: Art Show galleries open for online viewing

April 6-10: Prize and ribbon pickup

The Audubon Society of Omaha is pleased to sponsor its annual student art contest and show for 2021. The goal of this contest is to enrich the relationship of young people with birds and promote the importance of wildlife in our community. It is our hope that young people will recognize the birds they create and develop an enjoyment of nature.

Judging and Award Information

Each grade K-12 will be judged for Awards of Excellence and Merit in four categories: Realism, Graphic Design, Recycled and Cartooning.

In addition, there will be separate judging for Best in Show for three different age groups: K-4th, 5th-8th, and 9th-12th.

All submitted student artwork with awards will be exhibited on our website on or about April 5, 2021. Each grade will have its own "gallery" page with awards noted.

Entries are being accepted in the following categories:

Rules and Requirements:

All original artwork must depict one or more Midwestern birds in their native habitat or an endangered bird species. Need ideas for birds that live in our area? Go to Birds of Nebraska for hundreds of species.

This year we can ONLY accept digital photos or scans of original artwork. JPEGS are preferred with file size between 1MB and 3MB. Original, hand-made artwork should be two-dimensional, and can be any size. Each work of art requires an entry form to be filled out when art file is uploaded. Even though entries are digital this year, we discourage artwork created by using a computer.

SPECIAL Rules & Requirements for Recycled

Recycled artwork may be two-dimensional or THREE-DIMENSIONAL/Freestanding. Materials used should be dry, clean and safe – no rough or sharp edges. Artwork CANNOT use any bird byproducts such as bones, feathers, eggs, or eggshells. Please include a list of materials in the Media/Materials section of the form.

Note to Teachers and Parents

Teachers:   Please limit entries to 4-6 per classroom, per category. We know it’s hard to do, but please do not submit an entire classroom's art without making any pre-selection.

Parents, student artwork does not need school sponsorship. All students in Nebraska and Iowa are welcome to enter this contest independently. This includes home-schooled students.

Tips for taking photos of artwork

The best way to photograph your student's artwork is to start by placing the artwork on a vertical surface such as a wall, or a piece of stiff poster board, preferably next to a window or other natural light source. Take the photo with a digital camera or phone holding the camera as straight and level as possible. When taking photo, be sure not to stand between your light source and the artwork to avoid shadows showing on the art. Next, send the photo file to your computer at the actual size. Ideal size will be 1MB-5MB. Edit file name to include student's grade, then last name. Scans of artwork will also be acceptable if that is easier.

Entry Form: 2021 Student Art Contest

First Name
Last Name
First Name
Last Name
Preferred file format: JPEG size 1-3MB
No file selected

By clicking SUBMIT, I give Audubon Society of Omaha permission to display Student's artwork.

Virtual Art Show

All artwork submitted will be displayed in galleries for each grade on our website on or about April 5, 2020. Within each grade's gallery, artwork will be organized by last name in alphabetical order. Due to automatic sizing by our website, images shown may not represent original size of artwork. Winning artwork will be labeled with its award noted in the caption. In order to protect the privacy of our students, full names will not be displayed. Students first name and first letter of last name will be shown. We hope this does not cause confusion or inconvenience.

This contest is organized by volunteers who are members of the Audubon Society of Omaha. Our organization is dedicated to the active promotion of environmental awareness to our community through education, conservation, and enjoyment of our natural heritage, especially birds.

If you are interested in this contest and would like to volunteer, please contact us at There are many volunteer opportunities that require only a 2-3 hour commitment.

Ribbon and Prize Pick Up

Everyone who earns an Award of Merit or Excellence Award will receive a ribbon and a prize specially selected for the student's grade. Winners of Best in Show will receive an additional ribbon and a gift card to Blick Art Supply.

Prizes and ribbons can be picked up by the teacher or parent who submitted the student's entry. Pickups will take place at our NEW office located at 4339 S. 90th Street.

Pickup dates and times are:
    Tuesday, April 6, from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    Wednesday, April 7, from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    Saturday, April 10, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Please contact Virginia Stauffer at If you need to make alternate arrangements,