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Standing Committees

Art Contest Committee

Plans, organizes and conducts all practical aspects of the Annual Student Art Contest and Show. Publishes and promotes all dates, places, deadlines, rules and winners. Arranges for display of all entries and conducts awards ceremony.

Education Committee

Plans, advertises and leads field trips and other types of nature studies for the ASO membership and the general public. Schedules, conducts and compiles/submits results for the annual Christmas Bird Count. Develops, markets, schedules and delivers environmental education programming to local organizations, especially public schools.

Finance Committee

The ASO Treasurer chairs the Finance Committee, which must have at least three members, including the President and the Treasurer. This committee meets at least semi-annually and has these responsibilities: Oversees and approves the investment recommendations from ASO’s investment consultant(s). Designates annually the appropriate bank check signers and those authorized to have online access to view bank transactions. Develops the annual budget (including recommending the annual amount allocated for grants/special projects to outside organizations/individuals). Recommends to the President all withdrawals from any investment accounts.

Fundraising and Bird Seed Sale Committee

Secures financial support by coordinating and running events to raise funds. Conducts evaluations of the effectiveness and results of fundraising activities. Pursues possible grant opportunities to fund mission-related activities. Coordinates with the Finance Committee to determine the amount of donated revenue needed to support ASO’s 501(c)(3) status.

Legislative Affairs Committee

Researches and reports to the Board on local, state and national policies/actions affecting the environment and/or the conservation of natural resources. Coordinates any activism carried out by ASO with the corresponding activities of NAS (in matters of national scope).

Marketing and Outreach Committee

Compiles, edits and publishes periodic newsletter. Builds awareness of ASO and its mission/activities with the general public and ASO members by actively communicating with local news outlets. Assists other committees by providing advertising design support. Promotes and markets any special projects or events produced by ASO within budgets approved by the Board.

Membership Committee

Maintains an accurate and current membership list for member communication. Produces or supervises production of mailing labels. Processes locally generated memberships (if applicable). Provides membership data to committees as needed. Works with NAS to reconcile memberships and update member addresses.

Natural Areas Stewardship Committee

Protects, manages and improves lands that are owned by ASO.

Nominating Committee

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to recruit, vet and officially recommend (i.e. nominate) potential new members of the Board. The Committee may also unofficially recommend to the President candidates to chair committees. The Committee nominates candidates for office to succeed those whose terms are expiring at the end of the current fiscal year. Recruitment for the following year occurs between September and November of the current calendar year, during which time the Committee meets to discuss potential candidates for office and then contacts them to obtain their consent to run for office.

If you are interested in nominating an individual to join our team, please contact Anne Maguire at

Program Committee

Arranges a meeting location and program/speaker for each General Meeting and introduces the speaker (if any) at each General Meeting. Provides articles for ASO’s newsletter publicizing all programs/speakers. Plans and arranges the annual banquet.

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