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Board Members

American Pelican by Mike Benkis

Who We Are

Elected Officers

President: Matt Miller
1st Vice President: Bob Wells
2nd Vice President: Virginia Stauffer
Treasurer: Betty Fullerton
Corresponding and Recording Secretary: Shannon Engberg

Elected Directors

Mike Benkis 
Ruth Bentzinger
Mark Cave
Galyn Langer
Jackie Scholar

Standing Committee Chairpersons

Conservation: Bob Fuchs
Education: Clem Klaphake
Field Trips: Rick Schmid
Finance: Nelli Falzgraf
Membership: Kathy Schwery
Natural Areas Management: Glenn Pollock
Publication: Helen Bartee
Publicity: Jackie Scholar

Other Activities

Bird Seed Sales Chairs: John and Betty Fullerton
Historian: Eric Scholar
Art Contest Chairs: Virginia Stauffer
Youth Birding Field Trips: Tisha Johnson

Other Contacts

Executive Director of Audubon Nebraska: Kristal Stoner
ASO Administrator: Stacey Coury
NAS Board Member: Michele Crist
Pan-Flyway Director: Karim al-Khafaji