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The Board

Who We Are

Elected Officers

President: Christine Prescott (
1st Vice President: Michaela Johnson (
2nd Vice President: Virginia Stauffer (
Treasurer: Michelle Foss (
Secretary: Katy Simmons (

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Elected Directors

Bennett Amdor (
Amy Campagna (
Kyle Finley (
Betty Fullerton (
Conor Gearin (
Steve Geddes (
Anne Maguire (
Trevor Pellerite (
Melissa Sitze (

Standing Committee Chairpersons

Art Contest: Virginia Stauffer
Backyard Habitat: Melissa Sitze / Steve Geddes
DEIB: Bennet Amdor
Education: Amy Campagna
Finance: Michelle Foss
Fundraising: Elizabeth Fullerton
Legislative Affairs: Christine Prescott
Marketing and Outreach: Anne Maguire
Membership: Kathy Schwery
Natural Areas Stewardship: Glenn Pollock
Nominating: Virginia Stauffer
Program: Amy Campagna

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Other Contacts

Bird Seed Sale: John and Betty Fullerton (
ASO Administrator: Julia Rawnsley (
Executive Director of Audubon Nebraska: Kristal Stoner (

Partners in Conservation