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The Audubon Society of Omaha is dedicated to the active promotion of environmental awareness to our community through education, conservation and enjoyment of our natural heritage, especially birds. Become a member today!


Don’t let the cold get you down. Our programs in January and February are sure to fire up your enthusiasm and warm your senses...

ASO’s November meeting welcomed some new faces as we “gobbled” food watching the fascinating PBS documentary, “My Life as a Turkey.”

Looking to make a difference? Audubon Society of Omaha has a wide variety of opportunities for you to get involved.

Plastic-free for January & Free Up February

Join us for our January 20 field trip to DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge... then get bundled up for a frozen treat at 9 a.m., February 17, at Lake Manawa.

We invite students K-12 to participate in our annual Student Art Contest held/hosted/organized by Audubon Society of Omaha.

The Audubon Society of Omaha (ASO) is spreading its wings once again as it resumes in-person monthly meetings at DJ’s Dugout, conveniently located off 114th and Dodge. After a period of virtual gatherings, members are excited to come together to share their passion for birds and conservation.

Your semiannual seed orders not only keep our feathered friends flourishing, they fund Audubon Society of Omaha’s educational programs and conservation activities and are our largest fundraisers.

While human intervention may be complicating the lives of many bird species, it is vital that we recognize we can just as easily modify our yards to benefit their means for survival rather than limit it. As all bird lovers know, there is a certain joy that comes with putting out bird feeders and feed...

Learning theory says that the greater the number of senses students use to understand and acquire new concepts, the deeper those concepts will be ingrained in their minds — and the more easily they can be retrieved and applied.

Speaking of “applications,” Tracee M. Herbaugh, in an article, waxed eloquently about how Merlin, the birding app created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, enriches not only the experience of birding itself, but also the connections she forges with family and friends.

Partners in Conservation