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The Audubon Society of Omaha is dedicated to the active promotion of environmental awareness to our community through education, conservation and enjoyment of our natural heritage, especially birds. Become a member today!

Celebrating our 50th year!


… by nominating officers and directors! It’s time to start our annual search for board members for the July 2022 - June 2023 term, and we need your help!

Join Olivia Darugna, Watchable Wildlife Biologist at Nebraska Game and Parks, on Zoom at 7 p.m. Thursday, November 10, for an in-depth review of the commission’s updated Nebraska Birding Guide website

September Field Trip, 2023 Student Art Contest and Show, & Welcome Our New Admin

Despite this summer’s drought, volunteers have worked on the wetlands area of The Audubon Prairie to restore the pond and make it inviting as a Blue Heron feeding station.

Thanks to 276 ASO patrons, we sold 45,000 pounds of quality bird seed totaling $56,410 and raised over $10,000 to support local conservation efforts and education.

As Audubon Society of Omaha steps up preparations for the Omaha area’s 2023 Christmas Bird Count, it’s a good time to reflect on the fact that this year’s count marks the 123rd in the history of the National Audubon Society. 

Imagine the potential when like-minded organizations collaborate for a greater impact!  Our environment will always need stewardship and advocates; could we find greater strength and movement if our organizations worked together more?

It was the summer of 2020. The COVID pandemic had just begun, and Erin Thoman, nurse practitioner and mother of four, was looking for ideas to keep her kids learning and excited at home...

The October 5, 2022 edition of the Omaha World Herald contains an article about our local Audubon chapter, Audubon Society of Omaha, celebrating it's 50th anniversary. The story written by Marjie Ducey highlights 50 years of accomplishments and programs that you may be surprised to learn. CLICK below to go to the Omaha World Herald website.

Mark your calendar for 6 p.m., Thursday, October 13, to take advantage of a golden opportunity to celebrate Audubon Society of Omaha’s 50th anniversary at Lauritzen Gardens with Neal Ratzlaff, past ASO president and director, and Bird Seed Sale co-founder. Neal will focus on “The Birds of Lewis and Clark,” recounting the explorers’ ornithological achievements and touching on the convoluted, almost tortuous, nearly 100-year trek the expedition’s journals took to publication.

Enjoy tours of the Gardens, starting at 6, and peruse ASO scrapbooks from 50 years of birding, but be in your seat by 7 for Neal’s enlightening look at the Lewis and Clark expedition’s impact on ornithology.

Partners in Conservation