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The Audubon Society of Omaha is dedicated to the active promotion of environmental awareness to our community through education, conservation and enjoyment of our natural heritage, especially birds. Become a member today!


March and April member meetings have been canceled

But don’t fret. The artwork has already been judged

Our May banquet has been canceled

Avid birders know that seasonal birding requires using resources that describe where birds are being seen.  The last 10 years have seen a proliferation of smartphone apps that enable users to search near and far to see where bird species are being reported. 

Audubon Society of Omaha will hold its annual election of officers and directors at the April Board of Directors’ meeting. Last September, the board approved a nominating committee formed by Second Vice President Virginia Stauffer, in accordance with our bylaws. Helen Bartee, Shannon Engberg, Jackie Scholar and Kathy Schwery served on the Nominating Commitee.

March and April often mark the beginning of the spring migration for a variety of bird species.

A weather-related change of date brought out fewer counters this year.  See a few highlights from the intrepid band that braved the cold for our 2019 count.

See what happened at our January and February Members' meetings.

Recently, I saw my first sign of spring - a seed catalog! And that reminded me that somewhere under our frigid, snowy blanket, prairie flowers are resting patiently.

February 12 was the last day to order for our Winter Bird Seed Sale.