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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

Winter bird seed sale report

Thanks to all who ordered bird seed during Audubon Omaha’s winter sale. 24,470 pounds of products were distributed to 176 loyal customer-supporters who, in turn, distributed them to appreciative birds in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. Your additional donations totalled $991. 

Your orders support ASO’s local educational programs and conservation activities. Our twice yearly bird seed sales (mid-October and mid-February) are ASO’s largest fundraisers of the year, netting a record $27,000 for this fiscal year.

This endeavor couldn’t be accomplished without our dedicated volunteers who worked in the warehouse, made deliveries, or brought refreshments. Volunteers, listed in alphabetical order, included Andrew Callison, Roger Carroll, Mark Cave, Jim Commers, Kyle Finley, Conor Gearin, Steve Geddes, Joe Jacobsen and Joe’s friend Michael, Marilou Jasnoch, Kayla Johnson, Tim Kautzman, Anne and Jim Maguire, P.J. McDonnell, Andy Miller and Melissa Sitze, Trevor Pellilor, Virginia Stauffer and Bob Wells. 

Thanks again to all who ordered this winter. Be on the lookout in early September for information on our fall 2024 bird seed sale.

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