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March Bird Migration Information

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

The following is a partial list of birds that migrate through our area and approximate times to see them. Arrival times can be affected by weather patterns.

-Snow Geese (also Ross' Geese) and Greater White-fronted Geese (Riverton Wildlife Management Area in Fremont County, Iowa; Funk Lagoon and Sacramento-Wilcox Wildlife Area in Phelps County)
- Ducks (Wehrspann Lake west of Papillion, Cunningham Lake north of Omaha; Lake Manawa in Council Bluffs)

- Bald Eagles (Lake Manawa, IA; Riverton Wildlife Management Area in Fremont County, Iowa)
- Other raptors begin moving north (Waubonsie State Park in southwest Iowa is a good lookout spot)

- Woodcocks (Lake Manawa, IA hiking trail)
- Common Snipe, Killdeer

- Ring-billed, Herring, and possibly Thayer's Gull (Lake Manawa, IA; Cunningham Lake, NE)
- Bonaparte's Gulls (begin arriving the latter part of March - Cunningham Lake, NE)

- Eastern Phoebe (last two weeks of March)
- Northern Shrikes (head north by mid-March)
- Loggerhead Shrikes (arrives mid-March)
- Fox Sparrow (arrives the last two weeks of March)

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