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Eastern Kingbird by Mike Benkis

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Officers elected to 2022-23 board of directors

Each year Audubon Society of Omaha elects or re-elects officers and directors. Here are the results for the term that starts July 1, 2022:

President: Current President Christine Jacobsen will continue to serve as president with guidance from Robert Wells,. Christine is the Director of Education at Lauritzen Gardens.

1st Vice President: Former board member and 2nd Vice President, Michaela Johnson will be serving as 1st Vice President.

2nd Vice President: This position is currently open. The board is recruiting members who would like to be more involved with leadership.Treasurer: Michelle Foss, will continue her duties as Treasurer. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, degree from SUNY Albany and is the Director of Resource Stewardship, at Fontenelle Forest.

Secretary: Anne Maguire, Chairman of the Fundraising Committee and Publisher of the Meadowlark, will continue as secretary.